Jess Hoppe - 2022

hi, i’m jessica – but everyone calls me jess.

I’m a Creative Director, multi-lingual Copywriter, based in Berlin, working remotely from anywhere.

⚡️mrs. 100.000 volt! a real power woman with insanely strong conceptual skills. a must-booking 🚀 - mark hassan

"Jess is always on our go to freelancer list.“ - dora osinde

"machine-like output meets quickest turnaround - lovin it.“ Dirk Walendy

“If you don’t book her, you’re stupid.” – Alexander Stauss

“Top-notch creative director with long experience in the business.”– Gregorio Marangon

“If you don’t book her, you’re stupid.” – Alexander Stauss

“If I had to use 3 words to describe Jessica they’d be: Fireball Speedy Gonzales” – Noha Fahmy

“I can honestly say, I’ve never had a better creative partner.” – Edi Inderbitzin

“Jessica is a powerhouse of words!” – Markus Wentlandt

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“We worked for big brands, small brands, shoe brands, water brands, car brands, entertainment brands and many more brands.” – Anonymous